The Restaurant

With us in the kitchen, we strive for quality and care of the ingredients we use. We want you to get the feeling of “coming home” to something cozy. With a family atmosphere and food that exudes homemade and quality.
We will use locally produced as much as possible and eventually it will be very locally produced.
Without revealing too much of our plans…


LUNCH v.48

Meat of the Week
Classic Boeuf Bourguignon with boiled potatoes

Fish of the Week
Fried Salmon with boiled potatoes & rum sauce

Veg of the Week
Steaks with fried onions, boiled potatoes & “cream sauce”

135: –
Salad and coffee included


Fri-Sat from 17.00


Classic tartar
Red onion, capers, beetroot, dijon, egg yolk & horseradish
Large will be served with roasted potatoes
Small 125: –
Large 185: –

Toast vättern
Toasted sourdough bread, raw salmon, crayfish tails, butler sauce & raw lingonberries
135: –

Beetroot carpaccio
Balsamic syrup, roasted pine nuts, parmesan & arugula
95: –

Main courses

Grilled Trout
Stewed kale & chanterelle, roasted parsnips & parsley root
245: –

Potatoes & cauliflower pastry, pumpkin puree and chanterelle sky
305: –

Pump steaks
Beetroot puree, roasted root vegetables and chanterelle sky
245: –


French apple pie
Lightly whipped vanilla cream & blueberry coulis
95: –

The Bakers surprise
As simple as it sounds, in short what the bakers have felt to make for the day
95: –

Contact the restaurant,
036-231 14