All roads lead to Tokeryd’s Mansion

In the center of it all, the mansion of Tokeryd offers both the peace and quiet, and good communications. We are strategically located close to both the E4 and highway 40, which takes you to the rest of Småland, the west coast and down to the continent. A perfect overnight stay on the road to the coming adventures!

The city of Jönköping
You reach central Jönköping in 7 minutes, with the city’s pulse, sights and a rich cultural life.

Sand golf club
Just 7 minutes from Tokeryds Herrgård you will find one of the Nordics’ best golf courses that offers a unique golfing experience.

During spring and summer we recommend you to visit some of our three lakes nearby, Vättern, Axamobadet and Västersjön perfect for swimming.

Dumme Mosse
This raised bog is one of southern Sweden’s most valuable mires. With its size of almost 29 km² it is an important refuge to many animals and plants. Shy birds like eurasian curlew, golden plover, wood sandpiper and crane thrive here. You can easily get out to watch the great views over the bog where only stunted pines can grow because of the wet, nutrient poor and acidic conditions. Peat moss dominates the ground together with carex.

In the southern part a sand bank passes thorugh the area. In former times this was very important for humans since it was the only way to pass the bog without danger if you came from the west and wanted to go to Jönköping. Still today, this is a popular strolling area.

Outdoor activities in Småland
Småland offers rich opportunities for outdoor life and activities. Around the landscape there are hundreds of lakes, forests, winding bike paths and lookout points with wonderful views.